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A Review Of The 5 Best North Finchley Secondary Schools

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The secondary school you choose for your child is a very important decision; it’s their stepping stone to university and not a decision to be taken lightly. You will be pleased to hear there are a great choice of North Finchley secondary schools for you to review. We have put together a list of five of the top secondary schools for your consideration, along with contact information to help you choose the best school that meets your particular requirements.

Finchley Catholic High School

The Finchley Catholic High School is a boy’s school that focuses on achieving a high level of education and academic success. The school helps students develop academically, personally and spiritually.

They offer an open and trusting environment where students can thrive to reach their full potential. They value integrity and help their students grow.

The school caters to boys aged eleven to eighteen and currently have over 1100 students from Key Stage three to six. The school also offers a host of clubs that pupils can join including sports and arts.

Finchley Catholic High School is located in Woodside Lane in Finchley, London N12 8TA.

Call Finchley Catholic High School on 020 8445 0105.

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St Michaels Catholic Grammar School

St Michaels Catholic Grammar School is a voluntary aided three form school for girls. Boys are welcomed into the sixth form. The school has been established since 1908 and is recognised for their continued excellence in education.

This school encourages high standards in education. They focus on helping students with their academic achievements and social responsibilities.

St Michaels is a compact school made up of five adjacent buildings catering for students from Key Stage three to six. They offer a broad and balanced curriculum which includes religious education, maths, English, technology, French, geography, art, drama, physical education and music.

From year eight students curriculum includes Latin.

The school also offers a choice of extra curriculum activities for students to take part in ranging from volleyball and netball to table tennis, cricket and street dance.

St Michaels Catholic Grammar School is located in Nether Street in North Finchley, London N12 7NJ.

Call St Michaels Catholic Grammar School on 020 8446 2256.

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The Compton School

The Compton School is a nationally recognised school, that helps students reach their full potential. The school has a dedicated team of outstanding teachers achieving high standards in education.

The school encourages creative and independent thinkers. They provide a caring and supportive learning environment which enables students to become the best they can be.

The Compton School encourages positive behaviour, relationships and embraces diversity.

They have a broad and varied curriculum which includes art, business, English, art, geography in their third form classes. In sixth form, students can enjoy accounting, biology, business, chemistry, drama, economics, English, math, French, geography, history, ICT, psychology, sociology and music.

The Compton School is located in Summers Lane in North Finchley, London, N12 0QG.

Call The Compton School on 020 8368 2097.

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Woodhouse College

Woodhouse College acts as a stepping stone between school and university. It is a sixth form college ideally located in Barnet offering the highest level of education to students aged 16 to 18 years of age.

The college achieves good A-levels and GCSE results and focuses on helping students grow in confidence while developing their individual learning skills.

It has built a solid reputation in the education sector, welcoming students from around the country each and every year. They have a 99.3% A-level pass rate and a 100% pass rate across twenty four subjects.

In addition to this, 95% of Woodhouse College pupils go on to university. They have thirty A-level subjects to choose from, ensuring all students enjoy a broad curriculum to help them achieve their entrance into university and study the degree of their choice.

Woodhouse College is located on Woodhouse Road in Finchley, London N12 9EY.

Call Woodhouse College on 020 8445 1210.

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Wren Academy

Wren Academy is a top North Finchley secondary school that focuses on Christian values. This school pushes to achieve outstanding academic achievement by creating a secure and welcoming school that has high expectations for all their students.

This school ensures each student is confident, secure and valued. They recognise individuality and encourage independent thinkers. Their aim is to make learning fun and enjoyable, encouraging students to be long term thinkers and achieve the best they can be.

Wren Academy offers a broad and balanced curriculum with a three year Key Stage 4 with a choice of GCSE courses. They also provide a host of sports and arts opportunities for the students to take advantage of.

Wren Academy is located in Hilton Avenue in North Finchley, London N12 9HB.

Call 020 8492 6000.

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