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Baby Nurseries In And Near North Finchley

Baby Playing In Nursery

If you have recently moved to North Finchley and it’s time to return to work, you may be looking for a nursery where you can leave your baby with peace of mind throughout the day.

Whether you’re looking for a nursery that will provide a few hours of care or a full day, you will find that there is a choice of good nurseries in and near North Finchley.

Academy 4 Kids Day Nursery

Academy 4 Kids Day Nursery is an Ofsted registered nursery based in Whetstone. The nursery offers a stimulating environment for children helping them reach their full potential.

The nursery runs a fitness programme for pre-school and younger primary school children where they get the right amount of exercise in a fun way.

They also offer French lessons with a qualified French teacher. These are held once a week. The classes are included free of charge. In addition to this, all children enjoy access to the woodlands area, where they can have fun exploring nature.

Academy 4 Kids Day Nursery caters to children aged three months to five years. They have plenty of outside space where children can plant, dig, build and explore. The qualified team provide foundation activities while the chef offers nutritious meals made using fresh produce.

This nursery is located at 209 Friern Barnet Lane, Whetstone, London N20 0NG.

Call 0208 4469988 to speak to the nursery.

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Pentland Nursery run by Bright Horizons

Pentland Nursery offers high quality care and have been recognised as a childcare provider with a number of accolades from various sources.

This facility has been in the top fifty great places to work for the past eight years and they work hard to achieve success by providing superior care for children, providing parents with much needed peace of mind on a daily basis.

The team at Pentland Nursery nurtures each child’s potential and qualities, they support families and create a professional working environment.

Bright Horizons focus on honesty, excellent, respect and teamwork to ensure your child is in the best hands when you are at work. This facility was founded to provide affordable and high quality child care in the area. They have more than twenty years experience and have enjoyed successful growth over the years.

Pentland Nursery is located at 224 Squires Lane, London, N3 2QL.

Call 0208 9702441 to speak to the nursery.

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Early Learning Years Nursery

This nursery has been operating in the Finchley area since 2002. They offer a secure and safe environment where children can develop their confidence and intellectual development. The nursery offers a day filled with stimulating and motivating activities for children from three months through to six years. The nursery is open throughout the year and open at 7.30am through to 6.30pm.

The nursery is located on two floors offering a relaxed and safe environment with security being a key factor they have CCTV cameras installed to provide staff and parents with much needed peace of mind.

Early Learning Years Nursery is located at 19 The Grove in Finchley Central, London N3 1QN.

Call 0208 3493492 to speak to the nursery.

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Shining Stars Day Nursery

Shining Stars Day Nursery offers each child individual care and attention to help them reach their full potential through a fun learning process. The team all have qualifications in Child Psychology and Child Care.

This nursery offers a stimulating environment where children are encouraged on a daily basis. The staff run a pre-planned programme which is designed to match each of the children’s pace. Children can work alone or in a group, enabling them to share their experiences and emotions.

Safety is of high importance and safety devices can be found throughout the facility.

The curriculum is broken into seven main areas, these include personal, emotional development, social, communications, physical development and language. The team focus on helping children build their self confidence. They also learn how to listen and pay attention, improve speech and start on reading and writing. Other areas include numbers, shapes, space and measures.

Shining Stars Day Nursery is located at 62 Chase Road, Southgate, London N14 4ET.

Call 0208 882 2866 to speak to the nursery.

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