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Margarine Manufacturers Now Adding Butter

In the last month or so I have started to notice something very interesting!

Manufacturers who for years have been trying to convince us of the perils of eating butter “due to the saturated fat content” are now introducing products containing real butter! The two companies I have noticed doing this so far are; Flora and Bertolli. 33788_Bertolli_Product_Page

14175126142_bd600d3293_zFor years they have been telling us how their products are “heart healthy” and “actively lower cholesterol”, so why would they suddenly be producing products that contain the exact same thing they were trying to prevent you eating in the first place?!

This suggests to me that the manufacturers are having to keep up with the changing demands of consumers. I believe that as we are becoming more educated about our health and starting to read more online we are starting to come to the realisation that saturated fats are actually not harmful and have not been shown to be linked to heart disease, and therefore many people are switching back to butter and avoiding margarine spreads.

My prediction is that over the next year or two, the majority of margarine spread manufacturers will be producing products mixed with butter. Further on from that in years to come I believe that we will start to see a resurgence of pro-fat advertising and less of the aggressive low-fat marketing.


Let’s wait and see…