Kinetic Revolution Online Running Course Review

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Kinetic Revolution’s Online Running Course Review

by Ashley Ridout

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Online Running Technique Course
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If you’re a runner then you’re probably very passionate about it. It seems that runners have an obsessive personality strong enough to motivate them out into the bleakest of weather situations!

It is also fairly likely that you would love to be a better runner than you are right now? And also to remain pain free?

As an osteopath I see many runners and triathletes, both at amateur and professional levels, who at some point come in with running related injuries.

As many of you may (or may not) know, I have never been big into running. To cut a long story short, as a child I was always absolutely rubbish at running and not only that, running gave me shin splints too! Many years later after taking up Triathlons I kind of had no choice but to start running again.

It was at this point that I came across James Dunne and his Kinetic Revolution website. The first thing that became apparent was the huge amount of information on the site and all for FREE too! As I read through all of the content I learned a huge amount about running; I never realised running was so technical. At this time their online course hadn’t yet been released.

After changing my running technique from “heel striker” to “mid/fore foot” runner, running seemed to feel easier and my shin splints never came back.

I see a LOT of runners in clinical practice with either shin splints or knee pain and in around 9 out of 10 cases they are also heel strikers. I can give patients the basic advice- heel striking bad, mid foot running good- but aside from that I can’t coach them the correct technique in much more depth.

But now that Kinetic Revolution have released their online course, I have the ultimate training guide to follow for myself and to point people in the direction of!

Is the Kinetic Revolution Online Running Course a Scam?

Content posted online can vary immensely in terms of quality, and it is certainly not hard to find some poor quality product at ridiculous prices where they offer you amazing results in a matter of minutes!

So naturally you may be skeptical about purchasing this online course or worried about whether it will work for you.

So, let me address your concerns now;

  • Firstly, this is NOT A SCAM
  • Secondly, at no point do they make ludicrous promises like “this programme will make you the fastest in your age group” etc etc!
  • Thirdly, they are legitimate running coaches and they are truly accessible if you need them.
  • Lastly, they will return your money to you if you are not completely happy with the product within 60 days!

What is Kinetic Revolution’s Online Running Course About?

Click Here To Join The Kinetic-Revolution Online Running Course

This course is for those who want to improve their running ability, run without injury or improve their running efficiency.

What Do You Get With This Course?

The course is a 6 week course, and each week builds on the previous week, gradually getting you comfortable with your new style of running. You have immediate access to all the content, including the forums.

With each training session there are strengthening exercises and a stretching routine to do after each workout.

You also have access to the bonus 12 Week Knee Rehab Programme.

Online Running Technique Course
Click Here To Join The Kinetic-Revolution Online Running Course

What’s GOOD about the Kinetic Revolution Course?

I like the simplicity of this course. It is well structured and everything is easy to find.

The correct running form is broken down into fractions over the weeks so you can work on it bit by bit, allowing you to progress easily.

There is good use of video showing the each point clearly.

It is good to have access to the members forum where you can get access to the coaches themselves and the other members.

It is great to have a bonus rehabilitation programme for knees and will certainly help to strengthen the lower body.

What’s BAD about the Kinetic Revolution Course?

  • In terms of the actual running technique instruction it is all pretty good.
  • The first issue I had was gaining access to the programme. There is no clear login button on the Kinetic Revolution site. To gain access you have to click on what looks like a promotional button for the course, to then go to the course’s page and then you click on the login button.
  • The second thing I feel is missing (and others may not be too bothered about this) is more theory; reasoning as to why you should be running the way it is being taught. Having said this, all the theory is on the Kinetic Revolution site, you just have to look for it.
  • This programme is designed with people in mind who are already exercising and should know how to warm themselves up. There is no information about how to warm up in this course. This is good because it doesn’t feel patronising to those who already know, but perhaps it is neglecting those who don’t know how to warm up. I think it would be good to at least add a section about warm-ups, even if most people end up ignoring it anyway!
  • Although I think it is great to add a bonus section about rehabilitating knees, it is a very one-size-fits-all approach and doesn’t take into account what knee issues this would be good for or what conditions it may make worse. It should at least recommend people with knee pain go and see someone who deals with injuries to get a proper diagnosis first.

Overall Verdict

The content is great, but I feel that there are a few rough edges that need polishing such as the ease of access to log in, a bit more theory content or comparison of technique from bad to good, and maybe even an automated email to keep us working through the course. Other than these few points (and I am just being ultra critical here) I think the course is great.

If you want to be a better runner this course will make you exactly that. The quality of the technique instruction is spot on and it is divided up well enough so that you don’t get overloaded with information. I haven’t found a better running technique course for this price anywhere (£17.99+tax at the time of writing).

Click Here To Join The Kinetic-Revolution Online Running Course

Online Running Technique Course


Special offer price- £17.99 + tax